Special Guest Steve Hirsch, MD, family physician, primary care physician, University of Toronto Lecturer, author, and marathon runner.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The happiest and healthiest people are fully engaged. In something they believe in. In something that gives them meaning until the absolute end.

At the Retirement’s A Lie Workshop you will

receive a copy of Dr. Moyne’s, "The Four Phases of Retirement"

fuel yourself with a delectable meal accompanied by a refreshing beverage

learn in-depth about retirement’s four stages

be privy to the insight earned by thousands of hours of interviews with retirees across North America

find out why retirement's a lie and what could lay ahead instead

gain actionable information (no matter what your current age!)

Why You Should Attend

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Special Guest Steve Hirsch, MD 

Family physician, primary care physician, University of Toronto Lecturer, author (Health First: Winning at Weight Loss and Wellness), 25-time marathon runner (including the Boston Marathon--five times!) will be sharing his journey and answering your questions. How has he done so much despite having the same 180 hours a week the rest of us do? Engage with us on Thursday, September 26 and we'll find out together!

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