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The “Live Real Workshop” is truly different! In my personal journey of self-improvement, I have come across a wide variety of themes, philosophies and strategies, delivered by an almost innumerable array of sources, all ready to show you the way to improve some part of your life.   It has been my experience with Harry and his “live real” approach, that provides a wholistic and balanced view to your life, where everything is interdependent and connected.  Change one part or your life, it will impact another.  My outlook and approach to my whole life has changed significantly since working with Harry and every aspect of my life: physically, spiritually, financially and the most important, my relationships have never been better!  I highly recommend anyone trying to change and improve their whole life, to look into “Live Real Workshop”.
-Steve Francis
Chief Operating Officer - Crawford Technologies
“On behalf of the OJOA Concours Committee, and OJOA Executive, I would like to thank the team at The Live Real Factory for setting up the perfect environment for Concour's Dinner Party. The food was delicious and the setting was delightful. The huge skylights allowed us to extend our enjoyment of the beautiful weather as we continued with more awards, and talked about the day's events.”
-Rondrigo Crovati, Concours Chair,
Ontario Jaguars Owner Association
“This is the second year in a row that we've held our VIP launch party at The Live Real Factory and for good reason. Harry James and Joe Ferrara as well as the entire staff at The Live Real Factory do an exceptional job. From the fabulous food, to the terrific wine, to the outstanding service – they've brought downtown class and fare to Markham Village.”
-Gary Scullion, President & CEO
Hockey Helps the Homeless
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