About Live Real

Why Live Real Factory?

When I was a young salesman in downtown Toronto, I heard common advice from older, wiser people; “slow down and smell the roses” they would say. “Don’t take things too seriously”, and “always remember what matters most in life”.  Something that really hit home was from someone in their mid eighties who confessed they wish they’d lived their life differently.  

They wish they had lived more authentically, true to who they really were.  They regretted playing it safe and making decisions to please other people.  In short they wished they’d lived their definition of success not someone else’s.  In the end they regretted the things they didn’t do, the experiences they didn’t have and the risks they didn’t take. They also ached for the loss of past friendships that they didn’t take the time to nurture.

As a young man I vowed to learn from those precious elders, take their advice to heart and never find myself looking back with those type of regrets.  Very early I was fortunate enough to recognize that business was just a game and that health, vitality, meaningful relationships and time were by far the most precious assets anyone could have.  The Live Real Factory was born out of this philosophy and is a special place to celebrate this truth.
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